Upgrading a JBT/Avure HPP Machine With Hydro Fresh

When JBT/Avure Technologies launched the AV-X, the world’s first scalable HPP machine, there was nothing like it in the market. As a result, the AV-X saw fast success. It was the first HPP machine that enabled food producers to buy the machine size that fits their current production needs, and then expand to keep up with increased production as their company grew. Shortly after, due to customer demand, JBT/Avure launched a second scalable HPP machine, the AV-M, which, like the AV-X, is expandable, with a scalable capacity up to 180 percent.

The advantages of both the AV-M and AV-X is they allow food companies to start HPPing in the most cost-effective way possible because their capacities expand as quickly as demand for product grows. Upgrading is easy, without the expense or added floor space of a second machine.

Below is the experience of Michael Billig, Vice President, Hydrofresh on what it was like to expand and upgrade a JBT/Avure scalable HPP machine.

Q: When Hydrofresh upgraded their JBT/Avure HPP machine, what was that process like and how many days did that take?

A: Hydrofresh inquired to the status of an additional intensifier late February/early March. JBT/Avure responded that there were intensifiers available to be shipped quicker than the normal 9-11 week lead time. Hydrofresh ordered the intensifier skids mid-March and it was delivered within two weeks, and installed in a four-week timeframe. Avure responded quickly to our capacity needs and helped us meet our growing production requirements.

Q: Why did Hydrofresh originally decide to buy a JBT/Avure HPP machine?

A: The decision to partner with Avure was due to numerous reasons. JBT/Avure is an American-based manufacturing company with global offices. Their main US facility is located two hours from Hydrofresh in Middleton, OH. This enables easy access to spare parts and service, if needed on short notice. JBT/Avure also has a world class HPP food science lab and facility in Erlanger to support our customers with HPP base product development, scientific process development and challenge studies capabilities. The JBT/Avure AV-X machine allows for better pack density, therefore allowing more packages/lbs. per cycle compared to the equivalent competitors’ machine. The modular aspect of the AV-X machines allows for rapid increase in capacity by shortening come to pressure time with additional intensifier skid additions. Also, we believe that JBT/Avure possess some key advantages on vessel life and intensifier technology. JBT/Avure offers Hydrofresh a true partnership bolstered by the proximity of our locations.

Q. What has happened in the last year with HPP technology that has caused your business to grow?
A: Consumers continue to demand healthier products with clean ingredient decks. This is driving food manufacturers to explore new products to meet this ever-increasing demand. At the same time, manufacturers are realizing these new, healthier products can command a premium in the marketplace, allowing them to recoup the costs of HPP while increasing their margins on these products.

Q: As an HPP toller, what are the top three reasons you see sparking HPP’s fast growth?

A: Food safety, brand protection and consumer demands for healthier products with smaller ingredient decks.

Q: Anything else you would like to add?

A: Hydrofresh has been able to fill a void in the HPP service provider market through its Northwest Ohio location. We can offer a comprehensive solution and unique line of services to the marketplace. Our ability to offer our customer additional services, such as individual package catch weight, case catch weights, and full service logistics solutions in addition to the traditional HPP services, has contributed to our rapid growth.