Toyin Adon-Abel Jr.

Toyin Adon-Abel Jr., Chief Marking Officer, Universal Pure


Q: How many years have you been working with HPP technology? 

A: As my first experience in the food industry, I have been working with Universal Pure for three years. I have thirteen years of experience in marketing.


Q: Why did Universal Pure decide to buy a JBTAvure HPP machine?

A: Universal Pure and JBTAvure have had a long-standing partnership and business relationship. From day one, I have worked with members of the JBTAvure team on various marketing, sales, and event-related projects. Of the many HPP machines Universal Pure owns, the majority of them are JBTAvure machines.


Q: What are some unique foods or beverages that Universal Pure processes using HPP? 

A: Universal Pure works with a few companies to produce unique HPP pet food ingredients and products. We also work with a leading food manufacturer to use HPP on elements of their meal kit products.


Q: As an HPP toller, what are the top three reasons you see that have sparked HPP’s fast growth?

A: Consumer demand for fresh, cleaner-label product options; increased food safety education and awareness; and HPP’s ability to extend product shelf life.


Q: What HPP products do you have in your fridge? 

A: Hope Foods hummus and Evolution Fresh juice.


Q: Where did you go to college? 

A: The University of Georgia.