Sweet, Sweet Bacon, Hold the Chemicals!


Say the word and many of us start to salivate.
Nothing in the world tastes like real bacon.

But many of today’s consumers are looking for products with clean labels. Products without added preservatives like nitrates and nitrites. That means bacon hardly ever makes it into the grocery cart for health-conscious shoppers

Enter high pressure processing or HPP. Avure Technology’s high-pressure processing machines inactivate pathogens in juices and foods, and spoilage organisms by creating intense pressure, up to 87,000 pounds per square inch, or about five times the pressure at the bottom of the ocean. This allows a product like uncured bacon to be preserved without adding nitrates or nitrites.

Avure Senior Food Scientist David Peck has spent most of his career working in the meat industry and knows his way around the cold cut section.

HPP bacon lowers sodium

“HPP bacon can last up to four months, giving uncured bacon the commercial viability producers need by expanding the number of markets available,” said Peck.

Another benefit of uncured bacon treated by HPP is the lower sodium content. Many brands contain half the sodium of cured bacon, another plus for the label-savvy consumer.

“Many of us are trying watch the amount of salt we consume,” said Peck. “A lower sodium bacon has lots of appeal to those buyers looking for high quality, healthier options.”

So for those breakfast meat lovers looking for cleaner labels, bacon that’s been HPP’d lets them enjoy real bacon without the chemicals.