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New Wellness Shots Using HPP

With the everyday grind taking up so much of modern consumers’ lives, it’s hard to eat enough fruit and vegetables to stay healthy while staying busy. Luckily, you can have a full dietary serving of organic vegetables in one swallow with the rise in popularity of wellness shots. Wellness companies like Medlie are using whole organic vegetables and fruit in combination with HPP to fit all the nutrients and fiber the produce contains into a two-ounce bottle.

Medlie CEO Jen Berliner explains what makes Medlie Veggie Shots so beneficial: “Our shots are not juice; they’re blended. We use whole organic vegetables to make the shots, and we don’t strain or press anything out, so you get all of the fiber, all the nutrients—the seeds, the skin, and really the entire vegetable. As a result, every two-ounce shot has one dietary serving of vegetables, so there’s actually a serving of whole organic vegetables in every little bottle, as well as one gram of fiber.”

It’s not just superior ingredients that make the Veggie Shots so nutritious. Many vegetable-based drinks on the market use high-heat pasteurization to kill pathogens that may be present in the produce, but Medlie uses High Pressure Processing, HPP, a food safety technique that uses extreme cold water pressure to eliminate pathogens and ensure a long shelf life.

JBTAvure Chief Marketing Officer Lisa Wessels outlines the difference: “HPP uses ultra-high pressure purified cold water to keep packaged food and drinks pathogen-free and to keep them fresh longer. Food and beverages are subjected 87,000 pounds of pressure per square inch, six times the amount of pressure at the deepest part of the ocean. The benefits of HPP are that pathogens are destroyed, yet food and beverages retain superior taste, texture, and nutrition.”

Medlie currently offers four varieties of Veggie Shots:

  • Digestion: Tomato, red bell pepper, and apple cider vinegar aid with gut health.
  • Immunity: Ginger, turmeric, and carrot boost the immune system.
  • Metabolism: Kale, cucumber, and jalapeño help the body burn fat.
  • Glow: Cucumber, lemon, and collagen enhance the beauty of the hair, skin, and nails.

With its new line of Veggie Wellness Shots, Medlie dives headfirst into a rapidly growing market that uses HPP to provide the most nutritious wellness shots possible, such as Suja, So Good So You, and Vive. All these brands are USDA certified organic, non-GMO, and fully vegan.

So Good So You produces a line of 1.7-ounce Probiotic Shots that are HPP’d and have a variety of intended benefits. Its shots are packed with over 1 billion probiotic CFUs to boost digestion and immunity.

Vive Wellness Shots add herbs, roots, flowers, and grasses to their fruits and vegetables to provide additional nutritional benefits, in partnership with a team of doctors. Vive’s shot varieties are HPP’d and include Immunity Boost, Coconut Probiotics, Wellness Rescue, and Antioxidant Detox

Consumers’ lives are only getting busier and more hectic, so it’s no wonder that wellness shots are becoming more popular. Between work, family, and social responsibilities, not everyone has time to grab a big leafy salad every day. With the convenience of a full serving of vegetables in one tiny bottle, HPP’d wellness shots can help busy people keep healthy on the go.