Massimo Monti CEO Monti Seafood

Massimo Monti, CEO, Monti Seafood

Q: How do you use HPP with your seafood products?

A: In order to obtain the best results, in combination with HPP we use two kinds of packaging: the skin Darfresh 400 g dedicated to the retail market, and the thermoformed vacuum bags around 2.5 kg for the HoReCa market. Both are made with thin plastic films that have high oxygen barrier quality.

Q: When did Monti start working with HPP?

A: We started in 2010 with the very first (n.1) 100 liters, actually called AV-10, in the world.

Q: Why did you choose to partner with JBTAvure for HPP?

A: The reason I selected JBTAvure was because of the technical solution. Before making the choice, I visited the most important HPP equipment producers, and analyzed the technical differences between the machines. For the purpose of safety, reliability and quality of materials used in construction, JBTAvure was the best one.

Q: What are the advantages of HPP over other food processing techniques for seafood?

A: To satisfy modern consumer needs, we have to put a fresh product on the market, without any preservatives or other chemicals. We needed an appropriate shelf life that gives us the possibility to sell our products throughout Italy and abroad. Moreover, instead of what happens with heat treatments, the product remains “alive” without killing macronutrients, with its own flavor, taste and fantastic texture and with incredible food safety.

Q: What are your top three favorite restaurants that serve your Monti cod?

A: One of my favorites is Ristorante Zenobi (http://www.ristorantezenobi.it/), located in Colonnella, close to our company. The second one is a typical Tuscany trattoria called La Bettola (https://la-bettola-tuscan-restaurant.business.site/). The third one is Ristorante Da Adele (https://www.tripadvisor.it/Restaurant_Review-g194930-d3750260-Reviews-Ristorante_Da_Adele-Termoli_Province_of_Campobasso_Molise.html) located in Termoli town.

Q: What countries do you export your Monti seafood products to?

A: Until now we sold our products just in Italy, but during this second part of the year we’ll start to export to Portugal and Greece.

Q: How has HPP helped your business grow?

A: Because the traditional salted codfish is very difficult to use (you first need to soak the fish in the water for at least two days, changing the water often), sales of these items are decreasing. Thanks to already-soaked fish and then HPP, we are growing around 30% per year. Our forecast is that in a few years the solution we use will completely replace the traditional method.