Award-Winning HPP’d Baby Food – lil’gourmets

According to the US Department of Labor, 71% of all American women with children under 18 are in the workforce. That fact—coupled with the fact that the global baby food market will hit the $82 billion mark by 2022, according to research firm Research and Markets—has set the stage for the fast growth of HPP’d baby food. As moms and dads juggle parenting and busy work schedules, HPP bridges the need for nutritious, healthy baby food and the need for convenience.

One of the newest brands in the HPP’d baby food space is lil’gourmets, the winner of the 2019 Expo East NEXTY Award for “Best New Natural Kid’s Product.” The company was founded by a Chicago mom, Shibani Baluja.

“I was a busy working parent who struggled with the demands of my career and my desire to provide my kids fresh, delicious, vegetable-focused meals,” said Shibani Baluja, lil’gourmets founder and mom to Jayden and Mira. “We know there is a high correlation between our first foods and our future eating habits, yet the vast majority of baby foods are high in fruit and high in sugar and teach kids to crave sweet foods. Most parents don’t struggle to get their kids to eat fruit, but it is often a struggle to entice them to eat flavorful foods and vegetables. And so we’ve set out to teach kids to love veggies and foods full of flavor with the early introduction of our veggie meals.” The meals created by lil’gourmets are organic and feature 70% or more veggies and beans that are paired with unique spice blends to create nutritious and tasty globally-inspired meals that both kids and parents enjoy.

For convenience, lil’gourmets meals come in 3.5-ounce cups and have four organic recipes to choose from today: Coconut Cauliflower Mash, Sweet Potato Curry, Cinnamon Beets & Apples and Moroccan Butternut Squash, with two new flavors launching next month. All lil’gourmets products have only 2 to 5 grams of naturally occurring sugar, which is about half that of other national kids’ brands. The company’s mission is to cultivate curiosity in lil’ones with nourishing, veggie-focused, global cuisines from an early age to help them fall in love with vegetables and flavorful foods for life.

Rupa Mahadevan, MD, FAAP, commented, “Most parents I speak to are looking for a more convenient healthy food option, so I recommend lil’gourmets as a great choice for babies, toddlers and really any children who need more vegetables in their diet.”

To ensure food safety while delivering more nutrients than traditional shelf-stable foods, lil’gourmets uses HPP. Baluja stated, “I chose to HPP my products because my goal was to deliver the most nutritious, homemade-tasting food possible—and with vegetables that taste as Mother Nature intended. The shelf-stable options on the market use processing methods that deplete both nutrients and flavor. In contrast, HPP’s cold pasteurization technique achieves both food safety and shelf life, while allowing products to retain the majority of their nutrients and the taste of fresh, homemade food. With HPP, we are able to offer delicious, organic, real food with clean ingredient lines and no preservatives.”

Baby food makes the intersection of HPP’s powerful benefits––convenience and better taste, texture and nutrition––even more impactful because babies have more critical nutritional needs and the need to train their flavor palate at a young age so they can appreciate flavorful foods, which studies show impacts their healthy eating habits for life.

With HPP, food’s vitamins, texture, nutrients and flavor remain essentially intact, plus HPP delivers convenience that dovetails with a busy work schedule. “We’re proud that HPP gives parents a new option that is both healthy and viable with today’s demanding schedules,” says Lisa Wessels, CMO at JBTAvure.