JBT-Avure in the news

JBT Avure in the News – January 2020

  1. Food Processing Magazine
    Story: “Break Through Technologies”
    Interview: Errol & Pix: AV-X
    Article here.

  2. Food Business News Magazine
    Story: “Health & Wellness Drinks”
    Interview: CEO Medlie, Jen Berliner
    Article here.

  3. ProFood World
    Story: “HPP Clean-Label”
    Media Impressions: 284,300.
    Interview: Jasmine Sutherland & Lisa Wessels
    Article here.

  4. Independent Processor Magazine
    Story: “Applegate & HPP” story
    Interview: CMO of Applegate speaking on HPP, Applegate is owned by Hormel
    • Please note: Editorial Policy: Because the Independent Processor & National Provisioner’s editorial policies do not allow equipment manufacturers to be featured in regular feature stories, we have JBTAvure’s clients speak to HPP.
    Article here.

  5. Frozen & Refrigerated Buyer Magazine
    Story: “New Fresh Dips & HPP”
    Interviews: Good Foods CMO, Mandy Bottomlee & Medlie CEO, Jen Berliner
    Article here.

  6. Meat + Poultry Magazine
    Story: “Pushing HPP Further” & Featuring JBTAvure’s new HPP technology
    Focus: The story features JBTAvure’s new HPP technology & Dr. Errol Raghubeer is interviewed
    Article here.

  7. Pet Food Processing Magazine
    Story: “Three Keys For Raw & Minimally Processed Pet Foods & Treats”
    Article here.