Innovation Profile: JBTAvure’s AV-X—the World’s First Scalable High Pressure Pasteurization Machine

JBT Avure is the maker of the world’s first scalable high pressure pasteurization machine—the AV-X—which was strategically designed and built for customer growth and success. When JBT Avure introduced the AV-X, there was nothing like it in the market. The AV-X gained rapidly in popularity because it let food companies start HPP’ing in the most cost-effective way possible.

The AV-X expands as quickly as demand for product grows because the AV-X upgrades easily. A company will purchase upgrade equipment along the way, but they won’t need to invest in a new machine.

Below is a Q & A with Michael Billig, Vice President of Hydrofresh, on why Hydrofresh purchased an AV-X.

Q: Why did Hydrofresh originally decide to buy a JBT Avure AV-X?
A: Numerous reasons. JBT Avure has a world-class HPP facility in Erlanger, Kentucky, to support our customers with HPP base product development and scientific process development and challenge studies capabilities. The JBT Avure AV-X machine allows for better pack density, therefore allowing more packages/lbs. per cycle than the equivalent competitor’s machine. The modular aspect of the AV-X machines allows for rapid increase in capacity by shortening come-to-pressure time with intensifier skid additions. We also believe that JBT Avure possesses some key advantages on vessel life and intensifier technology. JBT Avure offers Hydrofresh a true partnership bolstered by the proximity of our locations.

The AV-X quickly scales for fast-growing food companies. The strategically built machine enables food producers to buy the machine size that fits their current production needs, and as the company grows, the machine expands to keep up with increased production—all without the expense or added floor space of a second machine. The AV-X easily upgrades and increases throughput from 20M to 30M to 40M.

Billig also commented on Hydrofresh’s experience with upgrading an AV-X.

Q: When Hydrofresh upgraded its JBT Avure HPP machine, what was that process like and how many days did that take?
A: Hydrofresh inquired about the status of an additional intensifier in late February/early March. JBTAvure responded that there were intensifiers available to be shipped more quickly than the normal 9-to-11-week lead time. Hydrofresh ordered the intensifier skids mid-March, and they were delivered within two weeks and installed in a four-week time frame. JBT Avure responded quickly to our capacity needs and helped us meet our growing production requirements.

If a company is launching a new HPP food or beverage product, the AV-X can be an ideal solution, letting it start in the most cost-effective way possible and expand quickly as demand for its product grows.

Beyond developing innovative HPP machines, JBT Avure, with over 60 years of high-pressure experience, also helps food companies with HPP product development, HPP recipe R&D, packaging and navigating ever-changing food regulations.

“At JBT Avure, we are proud that our scalable AV-X makes clean-label HPP accessible to more food companies and consumers. Because better food safety, taste, texture and nutrition are a win for both consumers and food companies alike,” says JBT Avure Marketing Director Lisa Wessels.