preventative maintenance

The Importance of Scheduled Preventative Maintenance

When that little red light comes on in our automobile, we all let out a little sigh. How can it be time to change the oil already? But preventative maintenance goes a long way to making sure our car, as well as the rest of the machines we’ve incorporated into our everyday lives, stays in good working order. We make sure our daughter’s bike chain is well lubricated; the lawn mower blades are sharp; and our computers have the latest anti-virus software. That’s how we apply preventative maintenance on a personal level.

But it’s just as important on an industrial scale.

The level of complexity on many industrial machines is massive, with arrays of gears, cogs, sprockets, etc. that need lubricated, adjusted, replaced or simply inspected. Preventative maintenance keeps your machine in good working order, lengthens the life of the machine, ensures maximum productivity and saves money. Plenty of reasons to make preventative maintenance a priority!

“We make our HPP machines to be easy to maintain and require the least amount of preventative maintenance possible.”

That’s why JBT-Avure builds HPP machines that make preventative maintenance as painless as possible. Easier, faster preventative maintenance means less unexpected downtime during production hours, more machine utilization, more cycles per day/week/month and year, and more profitability.

“When designing our machines we consult and work closely with the JBT-Avure machine maintenance team,” says Magnus Malmberg, JBT-Avure’s chief technical officer. “We make our HPP machines to be easy to maintain and require the least amount of preventative maintenance possible.”

Plus, when the maintenance is carried out according to the comprehensive schedule, every component lasts longer.

And since accessibility is key when doing preventative maintenance, JBT-Avure machines are designed for maintenance inspections without disassembly. Most parts of the machine are easily reached in order to inspect and maintain which makes a dramatic difference in the amount of time the machine is offline, directly translating to the customer’s bottom line.

With JBT-Avure machines, customers get maximum uptime and reliability that is unequalled in the marketplace. Which means more products and more profitability.