HPP Expert Q&A

Q: How many years have you been working with HPP technology?

A: Universal Pure was a legacy cold storage facility located in Lincoln, Nebraska. Our management team started looking into HPP during the summer of 2010. We had a customer who was shipping product three states away for HPP inquire if Universal might consider offering HPP services locally. It didn’t take long for our management to realize the potential of HPP and decide to include it as another value-added service we could offer. We moved quickly. Our management team made the required investment in infrastructure and had our first vessel operating by the end of the year.

Q: Why did Universal Pure decide to buy a JBTAvure HPP machine?

A: JBTAvure offered the right combination of production capacity equipment and the required technical support from a food science perspective. Within a few short years, we had five large HPP vessels in operations in Lincoln and began expanding to other locations.


Q: What are the advantages of using a toller like Universal Pure?

A: With HPP outsourcing, food producers bypass investing their capital in equipment and infrastructure. They can quickly leverage the benefits of HPP and, at the same time, accurately manage product cost. It is easy to scale the HPP process with our equipment redundancy and our six facilities located across the country. Lastly, choosing a toller with cold storage space and other value-added services provides a one-stop shop solution.


Q: What are popular foods and beverages that Universal Pure HPP’s?

A: Geographic location plays a role in what products we HPP for our customers. In the Midwest, there are more customers producing both fresh and RTE meat, poultry, and raw proteins, including pet food. On the east coast, there are more premium juice and beverage products using HPP to enhance their food safety program and extend product shelf life. Wet salads, dips, salsa, and guacamole tend to be more regional.


Q: What are the top three factors that you, as an HPP toller, see sparking HPP’s fast growth?

A: As consumers continue to seek out high-quality, clean-label foods, the nonthermal attributes of HPP are a natural fit for food producers interested in enhancing their food safety programs. And the benefit of increased product shelf life adds value all through the cold chain, from production through consumers enjoying the many great-tasting products. Increasingly, food companies and retailers realize a significant reduction in food spoilage and waste by utilizing HPP.

Q: What HPP product do you have in your fridge?

A: There are several products my family enjoys on a weekly basis. Hormel’s Natural Choice sliced meats have been a longtime favorite. Wholly Guacamole and Garden Fresh salsa are two of our go-to snacks!