HPP Expert Q & A Joakim Lundgren, CEO, HPP Nordic

Q: How many years have you been working with HPP technology?
A: I was introduced to the technology two years ago and have been working with it for a year.

Q: Why did HPP Nordic decide to buy a JBT Avure HPP machine?
A: JBTAvure seems to have the most experience in the HPP process and the longest experience of building HPP machines. We were impressed by the technical solutions on machine sections and parts exposed to stress. The pressure vessel warranty was also better than the competitors’.

Q: In Sweden, how long has HPP been a food safety technique?
A: For a couple of years that I know of. All HPP products have been imported. Our HPP machine is the first in Sweden.

Q: What are popular foods from Sweden that use HPP?
A: Juices. I have not seen any other applications so far. We have a big mission to introduce HPP technology to Scandinavian food manufacturers.

Q: What do you, as an HPP toller, see as the top three drivers sparking HPP’s fast growth?
A: Freshness—consumers want products that taste fresh and have fresh texture.
Clean label—consumers don’t want to eat unnecessary additives.
Extended shelf life—this is an important incentive for the manufacturers to keep or increase profit when changing to HPP.

Q: What HPP product do you have in your fridge?
A: Cold-pressed HPP’d juice.

Q: Where did you go to college?
A: Lund University, Sweden, in the Faculty of Engineering. But I must admit that I never finished that education.
I was just too eager to start working with industrial manufacturing. That is what I have done for the past 32 years—management, engineering and project leadership in the food sector.

Q: How did you first learn about HPP?
A: It was a colleague who introduced me to it.