high pressure processing south africa

HPP Expert Q & A: Heinrich Zandberg COO High Pressure Processing South Africa

Q: How many years have you been working with HPP technology?
A: It’s been three years now, but our first installation was in the first quarter of 2017.

Q: Why did High Pressure Processing South Africa decide to buy a JBTAvure HPP machine?
A: In the early days, I did a lot of research on HPP and HPP equipment.
It was clear that the JBTAvure HPP equipment had a better reputation and that the vessel itself will last north of 250,000 cycles, whereas the next best option would last only 80,000 cycles.
For that reason, as well as the lower running cost of the JBTAvure equipment, it made sense to go with the JBTAvure machines for our business model (Tolling).

Q: In Africa, how long has HPP been a food safety technique?
A: HPP has been around in South Africa for about nine years now, but it only recently became popular for food safety because of the Listeria outbreak we had in 2018.
Before that, HPP was primarily used on avocado pulp.

Q: Are any other popular foods, unique to Africa, being processed using HPP?
A: We have a product called a Vienna sausage that I think is unique to South Africa.
It’s mainly made out of pork MDM (mechanically deboned meat), and it is an inexpensive source of protein for a large part of our population.

Q: As an HPP Toller, what are the top three reasons you see sparking HPP’s fast growth?
A: In South Africa, the top three reasons would be the following:
1. The increasing demand for food safety from retailers and the reduction of salt in products like processed meats and cut meats.
2. Product lines that weren’t previously possible without HPP—for example, cold-pressed juice in retail spaces.
3. The cost of HPP equipment makes it almost unattainable even for big companies in South Africa, so the Tolling model opens a lot of doors for them.

Q: What HPP products do you have in your fridge?
A: Vienna sausages (My kids and I like them for hot dogs.)
Cold-pressed juices
Avocado pulp and guacamole

Q: Where did you go to college?
A: I went to the University of Pretoria, studying Investment Management for two years, and then my entrepreneurial spirit took hold of me and I stopped. This eventually resulted in me working in the HPP industry in South Africa.