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Demand for Clean Label Food Makes HPP a Popular Choice

It’s no secret that consumers are demanding cleaner labels. These days, chemical additives and preservatives make products much less likely to be plucked from the store shelf by a savvy shopper. But it’s also no secret that in order for products to be successful, they have to have a shelf life that lasts longer than the average sliced avocado.

Before high pressure processing (HPP), solving the problem of longer shelf life in a fresh product without additives had been a tricky business for many food producers.

Already a $12 billion industry, the HPP market is expected to double in the next 6 years.

But now, more and more food producers are adopting HPP for their existing products, as well as launching new lines of natural, fresh packaged foods that were never possible before HPP. Already a $12 billion industry, the HPP market is expected to double in the next six years.

HPP has become a popular food safety method across many categories, including guacamole, salsas, wet salads, sauces, ready-to-eat meats, juices, hummus, soups, seafood and salad. And not just for humans. Fresh pet food has become an increasingly popular option for pet owners, and HPP makes that possible, as well.

HPP uses ultra-high pressure and cold water to neutralize pathogens in food, lengthening shelf life without using any chemical additives. And since no heat is used, as in traditional pasteurization, taste and nutrients remain intact.

Of course, HPP isn’t the answer for all food categories; for example, it’s not effective for foods with low moisture content. And being exposed to the ultra high pressure can cause some changes to texture, so recipes might need to be tweaked. Fortunately, Avure’s food scientists work with customers to easily solve those complications in our innovative test kitchen.

Companies producing goods that use HPP also need to factor packaging into the equation. Packages needs to be able to withstand the high pressure without rupturing or leaking…yet another issue our food scientists are adept at resolving.

Do you have a product that would benefit from a longer shelf life with a cleaner label? Check out our website for more information about HPP!