Consumers to brands: show us the clean labels

What’s on the back of the label matters more to buyers than the logo on the front, according to a recent European study.

Researchers polled 2,800 consumers and found that while 85 percent care most about price, 77 percent make purchasing decisions based on the list of ingredients. Specifically, labels free of chemicals or artificial preservatives.

That’s compared to 53 percent who said the brand or manufacturer was “quite or very important” when buying foods and beverages.

HPP keeps labels clean. And pronounceable.

This research aligns with industry trends that show consumers are turning their backs on chemicals and embracing HPP foods. For example, by 2018 eaters will devour $12 billion worth of clean label veggies, meats, ready-to-eat meals and more.

Producers who currently use preservatives (monosodium glutamate, high fructose corn syrup, sodium nitrate, etc.) instead of natural, easy-to-pronounce ingredients can improve their bottom line with HPP.

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Source: Food Navigator