3D printed dinner is served on the battlefield

You can use 3D printers to make clothes, coffee mugs, lightsabers and now – FOOD. The Army is researching ways to use 3D printing technology to produce rations tailored to individual soldiers, which could prevent food waste.

How does it work? A software program designs recipes that allow a 3D printer to “print” the product, like a candy bar, in layers. The printer, which uses cartridges filled with different ingredients, squeezes out each layer to build the candy bar from bottom to top.

Print your own pizza at home

While the military experiments with innovative ways to feed soldiers, one Barcelona-based startup is already serving up 3D-printed pizza, burgers and chocolate with its Foodini machine.

As for the taste? According to the company’s co-founder, “everybody like[s] the food.” But one thing’s for sure: it’s no HPP.