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4 reasons producers switch to high pressure processing (HPP) machines.

1. Delicious taste

High-pressure processing (HPP) with Avure machines maintains freshness and preserves natural flavors of juices, meat, fruits, and vegetables better than any other processing method. And because it just uses pressurized, pure cold water, it bypasses texture and taste variations caused by heat, irradiation or chemicals. Thanks to media coverage of HPP, or high pressure pasteurization, customers are hunting down these products in stores.

72% of consumers buy foods based on healthfulness. The other 28% need their first taste of HPP.

2. Consumer safety

Big stories in the media about contaminated food, listeria and salmonella have put consumers on high alert about food safety. High pressure processing, which works on water pressure alone, has a unique ability to inactivate microorganisms without chemicals or preservatives.

3. Longer shelf life

Grocers and restaurants love HPP for extending the shelf life, and cutting waste. Now it’s possible for many fruit and vegetable products, like vacuum-packed avocados, to last up to 30 days.

4. Experience

For 60 years, Avure has installed more high pressure processing systems and more HPP food systems than all of our competitors combined. That accumulated knowledge counts for a lot in a field as specialized as high pressure processing.

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