30 million lbs. per year
Avure HPP Machine AV-S seafood processing

Shellfish processing without the grit.

Avure’s seafood machine is the world’s only HPP system designed specifically for the seafood industry. Its innovative, vertical design cuts the labor costs of shucking and shelling, and prevents damage to the shellfish.

Separates shells and sand from meat.

Its vertical design allows sand, shell fragments and other abrasives to fall away from treated seafood for collection and filtration from the HPP water. This extends the liner life of the vessel and reduces maintenance costs.

The AV-S’ process and carefully calibrated pressures increase yield by up to 80% compared to other methods. It also hydrates the meat, which increases yields compared to conventional processes.


  • Oysters
  • Clams
  • Mussels
  • Crabs
  • Lobsters

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avure av-s lobster

4,000 bar (58,000 psi) of pressure separates 100% of the meat from the shell. Say “hello” to higher yields!