20-40 million lbs. per year
avure av-40x expandable high pressure processing machine

Avure introduces another expandable HPP machine.

Projecting production volume and choosing the right machine size is a big decision. Go small, and you may need to purchase another machine much sooner than you thought. Go big, and you get stuck with too much capacity.


  • High capacity situations where two machines would be purchased instead of one AV-20M
  • Factory floors where space is tight, or costs a premium
  • Companies that want to reserve capital, and still have the capability for future expansion

Cuts Energy Costs by 50%

Improved design and technology allow the AV-M to reduce electricity costs by up to 50%. You may save enough to upgrade to the next level of machine.

The Avure AV-20M allows you to buy the machine you need now without worrying about future capacity.

Upgrades easily

Over a long weekend, Avure’s AV-20M will scale to a 30M or 40M. You’ll purchase upgrade equipment along the way, but you won’t need to invest in a new machine.

Highest possible throughput

Avure builds the industry’s largest diameter and fastest-filling pressure vessels, which pump pure water and deliver more product with every cycle.

Rapid cycling

Avure has finessed vessel pressurization and decompression to offer the world’s highest performance.

Advance Control System

A new HMI collects and provides advanced OEE data and reporting to reduce downtime and increase throughput. Avure Service can connect remotely to assist any location in the world. SCADA system reporting is customized for each application per customer request.

Reliable performance and profits.

The AV-20M works longer, harder, and produces more product per cycle than any other machine, which results in a superior bottom line.