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Avure HPP equipment

We created the first commercial high pressure processing system more than 60 years ago. But we didn’t stop there.

Today, our range includes HPP systems, worldwide tolling centers and partnerships with more major food brands than every other HPP manufacturer.

Hi, we’re Avure HPP food processing.

A history of innovation.

We’re proud to build HPP machines with the industry’s highest throughput, but they’re not all we’re known for.

Wound up. In a field as specialized as high pressure processing, every detail matters – especially when it comes to reliability. That’s why we invented wire-winding technology back in the 1960s to create the most dependable HPP machines.

HPP goes commercial. Sure, we built the first commercially viable HPP systems for food and beverage applications. But that’s not what’s most important to us. We’ve helped raise food safety standards with HPP. And thanks to the increased throughput from our machines, producers are manufacturing in record volumes, reducing shrinkage and growing their distribution overnight. But best of all, consumers are enjoying some of the freshest, tastiest food imaginable.

Customer Center: where the tastiest, safest foods are born. Avure operates its own in-house research and development facility to help our customers perfect their HPP-friendly recipes. Learn more about Avure’s exclusive Customer Center.

HPP for producers of all shapes and sizes. We designed the industry’s first AV-10 and AV-60 machines with one goal in mind: HPP for all. With our AV-10 horizontal system, regional and specialty producers enjoy the same benefits and high throughput of Avure HPP at a much smaller footprint. At the opposite end of the spectrum, our AV-60 system meets the mammoth-sized demands of major food and beverage manufacturers. Learn more about our entire range of HPP equipment.

Local support around the globe. Many of our partners produce foods and beverages around the clock. It’s our job to keep their HPP systems up and running in every corner of the planet. We’re committed to our customers with 24/7 availability, from sales questions to on-site maintenance and spare parts fulfillment. Learn more about Avure’s global support.

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