New maintenance program tunes up your ROI

Avure’s machines last longer than any other HPP food processing equipment in the world. That’s why maintenance and customer care is so important to us long after the sale.

Our SURE program (System Uptime Review and Evaluation) is key to achieving that mission.

We designed it to protect and grow your ROI from HPP by:

  • Optimizing machine uptime and speed
  • Minimizing your operating costs
  • Improving the technical knowledge of your staff
  • And helping you tweak applications
The SURE diagnostic process (performed on-site by our field service engineers) maximizes machine efficiency through maintenance and training, best practice operational procedures, maintenance documentation, and cost effective management of spare parts.

Email or call Avure at +1-614-441-9650 to learn more about a SURE inspection for your machine(s).

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Conference unwraps the secret to great packaging

High pressure processing (HPP) is growing so fast, the only thing holding it back is retail shelf space. Along with the rush of new products are innovative packages that reduce shrink, optimize throughput and rivet the eyes of consumers.

Attend The Packaging Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada to hear all about them. Along with the latest and greatest in packaging, the event features a presentation on HPP by Avure’s marketing director, Lisa Pitzer.

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Ignore this trend and lose a third of customers

Last year we saw a new public enemy #1 reveal itself in dramatic fashion: artificial ingredients.

Restaurants like Panera and Papa John’s spent millions revamping menus, while Hormel and other food manufacturers expanded their natural offerings through acquisition.

In 2016, the “less is more” trend will continue to move at warp speed with consumers forcing food producers to clean up or get out, according to market research firm Mintel.

"For legacy food companies to have any hope of survival, they will have to make bold changes in their core product offerings.”

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10 questions to ask before buying an HPP machine

Thinking about buying an HPP machine in 2016? That’s fantastic news. But we understand that it’s quite the commitment, and you’re likely shopping around to decide which manufacturer deserves your business – and trust.

To help with your decision, we’ve compiled a list of questions to ask your sales rep. The answers you receive should help clarify which machine is right for you.

  1. How much will it cost to purchase, install and operate my machine over three or four years?
  1. How long can I expect a vessel to last?
  1. Tell me about taste and texture problems your company has solved.
  1. How much should I set aside for first year maintenance and parts?
  1. What’s my next step if my production demands outpace the capacity of your machine?
  1. How long, on average do your machines stay in service? Can you give me examples?
  1. How long should I expect to wait for an urgent service call?
  1. Can your engineers monitor and tweak your machine’s performance remotely?
  1. Subtracting the amount of time required for maintenance, how long can I expect your machine to run each day?
  1. What can your machine do better than any other on the market?

How to prevent a recall: Q&A with food scientists

Despite a growing number of guidelines and processes to stop the spread of deadly pathogens, outbreaks still occur at an alarming pace.

E. coli recall affects major retailers across the U.S. (December 2, 2015)

Massive chicken recall due to possible salmonella contamination (October 6, 2015)

Pet food recalled for positive Listeria test (December 16, 2015)

A quick Google search on any major foodborne pathogen turns up page after page of similar coverage by major media outlets.

So how we protect consumers from these diseases, and brands from the backlash? We sat down with David Peck and Colleen Galieti from our food science team to discuss the best solution we know: high pressure processing.

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The definitive guide to HPP, for your literary consumption

In a field as technical and far-reaching as high pressure processing, there’s no single expert capable of telling its whole story, or “writing the book on it.”

But together, 83 of the brightest minds in HPP are up for the monumental task.

Launching in January, High Pressure Processing of Good: Principles, Technology and Applications covers all aspects of HPP in 31 chapters – from recipe development to packaging, microbiology, machine throughput and applications.

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