Inside the world’s largest HPP test kitchen, food lab

A slow start to 2015? We don’t think so. On January 13, Avure peeled the wrapping off its brand new global headquarters and the world’s largest HPP test kitchen and food lab.

Our guest list included tolling partners from around the world – Asia, Europe and Central America – and global sales personnel, food scientists, and government representatives from the State of Kentucky.

“Calling this an exciting time would be an understatement,” said Jeff Williams, CEO of Avure Technologies. “To work with some of the brightest minds in food and offer the world’s largest HPP test facility to our customers – there’s no better feeling.”

AV-10 HPP system: ready to test your recipes

Located near the Cincinnati airport, our new HQ features an industrial production AV-10 machine, which can pump out 10-million pounds of foods and beverages every year.

With our system, food manufacturers, grocery chains and tollers can run test batches and discover firsthand how HPP makes products safer, tastier and last longer – all without chemicals or preservatives.

And with a test kitchen that rivals most restaurants, we can even create recipes from scratch – or tweak existing ones to make them a perfect fit for HPP.

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1,250 tons of contaminated meat recalled in 2014 – none of it HPP

In 2014 HPP toll processors doubled capacities and HPP food producers posted record growth. Meanwhile, non-HPP manufacturers struggled with food safety.

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture report, listeria, E. coli and salmonella contaminated 2.5 million pounds of chicken, ham and beef. A staggering 1.8 million pounds of E. coli-tainted ground beef made up the bulk of recalls caused by foodborne pathogens.

2.5 million pounds: that’s enough meat to create a hamburger three times the size of Washington D.C.

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All smiles for Avure’s new ads with food faces

Last month we teased our new national advertising campaign. Now, it’s official. Starting this month, you’ll find Avure’s “Fresh Faces of Food Processing” ads in industry publications everywhere.

The work highlights the delicious taste of HPP foods, and the Avure HPP machines that help make them with just pure cold water and 87,000 psi (6,000 bar). Plus, the smiles we see from consumers (and us!) who can’t get enough of fresh, additive and chemical-free veggies, fruits, meats and more.

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Squashing the most common HPP myths

“High pressure damages food.” “I can’t HPP my product.” “It’s only for small producers.” We’ve heard all the myths. Now it’s time to debunk them.

  1. You can’t HPP my product. HPP is a mainstream process used by large and small producers everywhere. From meat and seafood to fruits, veggies, salsa, guacamole, and even some cheeses and milk, you’ll find foods and beverages produced with HPP in every corner of the world. And, the list is growing by the batch. Learn more about HPP Foods.

  2. Only small producers use HPP. Avure’s HPP doesn’t discriminate. It’s perfect for food manufacturers of all sizes and flavors. From the world’s largest poultry producer to regional salsa and guacamole producers.

  3. HPP doesn’t kill pathogens. By applying 87,000 pounds per square inch of pressure equally around packaged products, HPP inactivates dangerous pathogens and bacteria. That leads us to our next myth…

  4. High pressure damages food. Unlike thermal, radiation or chemicals, HPP doesn’t alter taste, texture, or quality of foods and beverages. Using just pure cold water and pressure, Avure HPP keeps foods fresh and delicious. It can even make them taste better and enhance nutrition.

Hungry for more? Get the facts on our HPP myths page. Have a question about HPP foods, or getting started with Avure? Drop us a line.


Video: Why Avure? Extreme customer service, says toller.

A lot goes into building the highest throughput HPP machines, but we spend just as much time engineering world-class customer service. We could tell you all about how we field support calls 24/7. Or fly tech teams to every corner of the world to our equipment running day and night. But we’ll let our customers do the talking.

Watch and hear what Jeff Barnard, president of Universal Pasteurization Co. (a certified Avure toller), has to say about Avure’s “absolute customer satisfaction.”


Pardon our dust: New Avure HQ sneak peek

One word to sum up this past year at Avure? NEW. In 2014, we completed phase one of our new factory to crank out HPP systems 24/7 (all Avure machines are built in Middletown, OH, USA). Launched a new website to promote the fresh and delicious side of HPP. Forged new partnerships with food producers of all shapes and sizes. And now, we’re wrapping up construction on our brand new global headquarters and food science lab.

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