Avure serves up delicious new website

  At Avure, we’re HPP scientists, engineers, pioneers and food processing wizards. But above all, we’re FOODIES and obsessed with helping food producers prepare the safest, freshest and most delicious products with the highest throughput HPP systems. With that in mind, we created the new Avure-HPP-Foods.com. It celebrates the machines we build, and all the great foods and beverages we’re proud to help produce around the world. On top of our new look and mouth-watering food photography, you’ll find expanded sections on our entire range of HPP systems, HPP foods, our global network of tolling centers, and the industry’s only in-house Food Lab and Customer Center.
Fun fact: Look, but don’t eat. During the photo shoot, food stylists rubbed raw canola oil on avocados to keep them from changing color under the hot lights.
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