Errol Raghubeer dishes on HPP, meat, bugs in Greece

Food friends, we’re excited to announce that Avure is the platinum sponsor of the 2015 International Non-Thermal Processing Workshop.

The world’s leading experts and researchers will descend upon Athens, Greece to present the latest breakthroughs and developments in HPP and other non-thermal processes.

Errol Raghubeer, Avure’s senior vice president of HPP food science and technology, is one of the event’s keynote speakers. We won’t spoil his speech, but we can tell you his speech covers how HPP prevents spoilage in ready-to-eat meat and poultry by inactivating pathogens and select spores.

The theme of this year’s event is “Sustainable innovation based on science and applied research of non-thermal technologies.” It takes place November 12-13. Errol takes the stage Friday at 9:55 a.m.

To register, learn more and see a full list of speakers, visit the show’s website.

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Behold, a 90-foot E. coli sculpture

Now that’s a headline you don’t see every day. A giant inflatable sculpture of an E. coli bacterium has been erected at the University of Sheffield in England. The dizzying work of art pays homage to Sir Hans Krebs, who won a Nobel Prize for discovering how the body coverts food to energy (the Krebs cycle).

To put scope of the project into perspective, a human at the same scale would tower 6,000 miles tall – the distance from Beijing to Cincinnati. It’s a good thing microbes are smaller than specks of dust, or we’d need much bigger HPP machines to crush them.

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Avure Social Bites: October 2015

Read all of Bon Appetít? There’s plenty more Avure, HPP, food science, technology and fun to be had over on our social media channels.

Here’s a sampling of what you may have missed recently:

All smiles for food scientist Colleen. She’s researching new HPP applications for yogurt.
One last go in the lab before launch: Avure helps start-up Serafin Juice complete its FDA validation.
Avure’s Errol Raghubeer talks HPP and improving the texture of foods with Food Engineering.
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New AV-X expandable HPP machine draws crowds at Process Expo

Process Expo might be over, but attendees are still buzzing over their first look at Avure’s new AV-X expandable HPP machine.

Our booth featured an interactive display where booth goers could move a lever to simulate how the AV-X increases capacity with the addition of only a pump skid and electrical panel.

"The response was amazing," said Lisa Pitzer, Avure's marketing director. "Manufacturers and producers are excited about the new AV-X, and not having to worry about future capacity. The simple demo reinforced just how easy it is to upgrade."

On top of capacity and modularity, the AV-X’s massive reduction in energy consumption also impressed prospects.

Half the energy use. More to love.

"Fifty percent less energy use? It's game changing," said Jeff Williams, CEO of Avure. "The cost savings from the AV-X's lower operating expenses essentially pay for the next levels of upgrades."

Elsewhere at our booth, many visitors got their first taste of HPP. A fully stocked bar featured Bolthouse Farm's new 1915 juice, Garden Fresh salsa, Wholly Guacamole, and other clean label favorites produced on Avure machines.


"Juice in hand, prospective customers talked to our food scientists and learned exactly how we could adapt their recipes for HPP," said Pitzer. "The show only just ended, and we've already booked appointments at our food lab."

Thanks to everyone who stopped by our Process Expo booth. We've already reserved our spot for 2017. We'll see you there.


HPP named most important food technology

Using HPP has its perks: long shelf life, fresh taste, pathogen protection, and now, bragging rights. Food experts have named HPP the most important food technology.

Campden BRI, a European food and beverage think tank, revealed the findings after polling food professionals from industry, academia and government.

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Stay Fresh Foods blankets East Coast with HPP

Around the world, HPP is becoming the go-to food processing method as producers seek out the coveted clean label. Nowhere is this more evident than the East Coast of the United States, with Stay Fresh Foods set to open its third HPP tolling facility in as many years.

"It's wild," said Amy Lawless, managing director of Stay Fresh Foods. "We started just three years ago. Now we cover most of the East Coast."

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Use ugly fruits and veggies to turn a pretty profit

Conjoined apples, straight bananas, and lumpy carrots: many of these perfectly edible, yet beautifully strange foods will never make it to the plate (or blender). They're part of the 40 percent of fruits and veggies wasted based on their looks. Imperfect, a new start-up, hopes to change that.

The company ships misshapen produce straight from the farm to consumers' doorsteps. According to Imperfect's website, it costs 30 percent less than grocery store prices, cuts down on food waste and protects the environment.

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Food juggernauts continue artificial ingredient purge

Even heavyweight food manufacturers and restaurants aren't immune to the consumer backlash over using chemical preservatives and artificial flavors. In July we told you how Panera flushed more than 150 ingredients, like azodicarbonamide, from its menu.

Since then, Subway, Taco Bell, Noodles and Company, Papa Johns, General Mills, and Nestle USA have followed suit and joined the "clean up our pantry" party.

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