Hormel Foods celebrates record year, honors Avure

It’s been a big year for our friends at Hormel. In January, the food giant celebrated record earnings, and last month it announced its purchase of Applegate, the top maker of HPP natural and organic meats.

We couldn’t be more excited to be part of the growth. For the second year in a row, Hormel honored Avure with its Spirit of Excellence Award, which recognizes the company’s partners who “go above and beyond” to help it achieve its goals.

“It’s an honor to help a great partner like Hormel help surpass its expectations,” said Jeff Williams, CEO of Avure. “We believe we don’t just build HPP machines, but we forge partnerships that drive long-term growth. This award strengthens that belief.”

Hormel highlighted much of its recent success to its foodservice division and refrigerated foods segment, which feature all natural meats treated on Avure’s high pressure processing machines.

“Our ability to identify new customers and deliver on-trend menu solutions through a talented and unique sales team has allowed us to exceed industry growth rates,” said Deanna T. Brady, group vice president, Hormel foodservice.

Applegate joins the Hormel family

“A growing number of consumers are choosing natural and organic products. This deal allows us to expand the breadth of our protein offerings to provide consumers more choice,” said Jeffrey M. Ettinger, CEO of Hormel Foods. “Together, we can provide a faster path to expanded offerings in this high-growth category.”

The future is bright – and full of tasty HPP offerings.

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Can’t pronounce it? Don’t eat it, says Panera.

What’s on Panera’s menu? Not potassium lactate, maltodextrin, BHT or sulfur dioxide. The bakery and sandwich chain recently announced it would give more than 150 artificial ingredients the heave-ho to win the trust of consumers.

"People are continuing to be much more conscious of what they put in their bodies,” said Panera CEO Ron Shaich in an interview with the Associated Press.

“I want to serve everyone the food I want my daughter to eat.”

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What’s in a food scientist’s fridge?

In the lab, our food scientists abide by an unwritten rule: no matter how loud your stomach rumbles, do not – under any circumstances – grab a quick snack from the test kitchen fridge.

Why? Because “Peach Mint Mango Chutney – 3/6/15 - Stability & Microbiological Profile Analysis” isn’t meant for consumption.

Fortunately, at home, those rules don’t apply. So we thought it would be interesting to find out what HPP foods and drinks our food scientists stock in their personal fridges.

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Avure beefs up food science team with meat industry veteran

It wasn’t too long ago that David Peck stumbled across his first HPP’d product on store shelves. Being a meat guy, he flipped the package, baffled by how a deli ham could exist without preservatives.

The answer, of course, was HPP. Now, he’s helping manufacturers worldwide do it. Peck joins Avure as senior food scientist.

He brings a wealth of knowledge to the team with more than 30 years experience in meat and meat-related industries. In previous roles, he helped in processing, continuous improvement, product development and formulation for global brands.

“David’s background in the food industry, especially his work in the preservation of meats, makes him an excellent addition to our food lab team,” said Jeff Williams, CEO of Avure. “Our food lab provides an exceptional service to food producers using HPP to develop healthier products with no chemical preservatives. This is becoming increasingly important as consumers seek out cleaner labels.”

Creating a nitrite-free food world

In his new position, he’ll help develop and enhance HPP recipes, and adapt package designs for HPP – even for our customers outside the meat world.

“The ability to preserve food without the use of chemicals is phenomenal,” Peck said. “Many people are trying to limit the amount of nitrites and other chemical preservatives in their diet, and HPP gives us the ability to do that. Avure’s food lab is on the frontier of helping producers develop better, more natural ways to preserve food.”

Peck earned his Master’s degree in Food Science at the University of Georgia, while putting theory into practice by working as a technician in the University’s Food Processing Research and Development Laboratory.

When he’s not in the lab, which isn’t often, you can find him at the gym, snacking on HPP guacamole, or cooking up healthy meals for his wife.


Open wide: 7 jaw-dropping food waste statistics

Food waste devastates the world we live in. It speeds up climate change, clogs landfills and robs producers of billions every year. If you use HPP, you’ve already taken a major step to eliminating food waste by extending the shelf life of your products.

We encourage you to share these staggering food waste statistics with colleagues, conventional food processors, or those considering HPP.

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Mile High toller goes the extra mile for customers with Avure’s food science

Welcome to Denver, Colorado – incubator of the organic food revolution and a natural fit for Avure’s newest toller, Natural Foodworks Group (NFG).

Located just off Interstate 70 and a few miles from the airport, it’s the only Avure toll processor in the Rocky Mountain Region.

“Some manufacturers were concerned they’d have to reinvent their recipes to work with HPP.”

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