Avure’s high pressure processing (HPP) machines

Avure’s HPP food processing machines offer the highest output, lowest operating costs, and greatest reliability for food producers and manufacturers. And now, Avure is introducing the world’s first expandable HPP machine with annual outputs from 40 to 70M lbs.

High Pressure Processing Makes Foods Delicious and Labels Clean

HPP, aka high-pressure pasteurization, isn’t just for clean label fanatics anymore! Mainstream consumers demand it, too. It keeps these foods and beverages keeps safe and seals in freshness:

Discover the world of HPP food applications.

Tolling Centers: Get started without capital investment.

Don’t need your own equipment yet? Consider Avure’s worldwide network of tollers, which offer all the benefits of Avure’s high pressure food processing equipment without the startup costs and long-term investment. It’s a great way to get your product to market quickly and efficiently.

Extreme food safety. Extreme pressure

Another day, another listeria headline – but not for brands using high-pressure processing. HPP protects consumers and companies by crushing dangerous foodborne pathogens that lead to illness, death and major recalls every year. Learn more about food safety with high-pressure processing..

Work with food science experts to refine your recipe

Led by Dr. Errol Raghubeer, Avure fields a team of world-class HPP food scientists at our lab and test kitchen near the Cincinnati airport. They’ll help perfect your recipes to enhance taste, texture, shelf life and food safety.

Extend shelf life

High pressure processing is a natural method of food pasteurization that uses pure cold water, and up to 87,000 psi (6,000 bar) to inactivate pathogens, and dramatically extend shelf life. No chemicals. No heat. No additives.  Learn more about how HPP works.